Changing Ways of Doing Business with AI

We believe the future of society is one with ubiquitous computing and ambient intelligence, constructed by an internet of intelligence with AI flowing everywhere. The cognified AI flow, like digital electricity, can be downloaded, uploaded, reused, recombined, remixed, and reinforced, becoming the digital renewable energy of the future.

Our mission is to empower enterprises globally by providing them with such cognified AI flow, delivered via subscription from clouds, in the form of AI-as-a-Service, subsequently to enable enterprises to continuously change the status quo by finding new ways of doing business.

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We believe AI-as-a-Service will democratize enterprise markets, enabling fast adoption and time to market.


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Our highly versatile and scalable solution can address different needs from enterprise to meet their business goals. 



Our solution applies the state-of-the-art deep learning technology to reach better performance.


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Online Personalization

For retail, Artificial Intelligence can be a game changer for online shopping experience. By the power of deep learning, real-time online personalization can boost the revenue for online retailers.

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Digital Marketing

We understand each consumer based on the behavioral and conversational data and aim to deliver more accurate digital marketing and retargeting.

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